Fiction and nonfiction

Fiction/nonfiction (fictional framework with nonfictional discussions)

Doubtbusters! God Is My Shrink!

  • The author as himself befriends two fictional, thirty-something skeptics, Joe Smith and Holly Holmes.
  • Rejoice in the author’s experiences during which God took away his seven years of depression and his daily migraines. Marvel at God, who gave him inner peace about the past that has lasted more than three decades and also peace about his physical pain that has lasted about two decades.
  • Strengthen your faith and decrease your doubts as you read about his unusual reasons for believing in the God of the Bible.

      Doubtbusters! God Is My Shrink! shows you how to reach out to unbelievers and unchurched people by the author’s witnessing example, not by teaching or preaching.

 Divided Together 2084

  • The author’s recording of the audiobook is available soon.
  • Enjoy a clean romance as you experience a suspenseful, thrilling murder-mystery in which a Muslim and a Christian fight serial killers and terrorists in a fictional Muslim country in A.D. 2084.
  • At the same time, stimulate your thinking as you read their discussions of their differing beliefs that motivate them to protect life and seek justice. You will learn from Christian Farhan new reasons for believing in the God of the Bible. Contrasting your beliefs with those of others helps strengthen yours.

In Divided Together 2084, the Christian Farhan demonstrates a non-threatening way to approach people of other faiths.

  • He finds something in common with the Muslim Akilah so that they can be friends.
  • He honestly assures Akilah that he will not try to change Akilah’s ideas, while praying for God to change her heart.
  • He and she discuss their differing beliefs without anger, letting God’s unconditional love work.  

Devotional Bible studies

Be Bolder Growin’ Older

  • In this devotional Bible study, overcome ten real temptations that get stronger as you grow older as well as your fears of those future changes.
  • It will also prepare your feelings and decision-making for growing older by helping you focus more on God and his teachings in the Bible.

Pray and Play: Dealing with a Fun-Loving Culture

  • This devotional Bible study helps people do their play in a God-honoring way. It deals with many kinds of pleasure and how to give them to God according to the Bible through prayer.